Due to overwhelming support, beginning Wednesday February 5th, 2014 there will be a NEW VIDEO every Wednesday around noon! You're welcome!

So I Decided To… Productions was formed mid 2013 due to the need for Brian Spain to express his creativity. Brian is a former NYC comic that enjoyed being on stage, but not the other parts of being a comic. He decided that he would rather produce funny material on "The Youtube" [as his mother calls it] than be on stage. This way he could be his own boss.

Almost every production that Brian produces is done under SAG-AFTRA jurisdiction. Brian believes in the Union, and is a proud SAG-AFTRA member himself.

For the year 2014, beginning Wednesday February 5th, So I Decided To Productions will be launching a new short every Wednesday around Noon. There will be a lot of one-offs. But, some of his favorite characters (and hopefully yours) will be returning. Look for more #DildoCop, and #HomelessPanda! Also, get ready for an entire list of new characters that will join in this year. One of the ones Brian is personally looking forward to the most is "Brooklyn". Brooklyn will star in a series of cooking videos coming out this summer. Get ready America, because this summer is going to be HOT!

2013 saw So I Decided To's YouTube channel receive over 14.2 million views! The goal for this year is 40 MILLION! We can make that happen!